Destrucción del imaginario

This octophonic electroacoustic composition explores the possibilities to destroy the aesthetic, technical and conceptual referents that traditionally use to condition the perceptual experience of the world. The sound material invites to a personal interaction from the abolition of any qualifier systematically established. In this piece, something that could be understood as a failed attempt manifests itself in its uniqueness as the essence of being from a particular necessity of transformation. Destruction of the imaginary (English translation of the title) is created as a freedom statement from the perception and understanding of our own existence.

Although I composed this work in 2017, the premiere had to wait for two years! Now, I am extremely happy to tell you that it can be listened in concert by the first time (stereo version) thanks to UL -música mixta- that has programmed it in a concert on October 6th as part of the activities of the Mixed Media Composition School organised by Casataller in Bolivia.