We no longer sleep in the wind

The composition, for solo double bass Paetzold, is based on the experience of volume as a parameter of mass in timbre. Volume allows to extend the timbral experience to three dimensions: height, weight, and length. In this piece I focus on the perception of depth as a direct consequence of the simultaneous interaction of these three dimensions.

The title is a verse of the poem ‘The Wind Sleepers’ by Hilda Doolittle, but the composition is not directly based on or inspired by the poem. I just felt very attracted to this verse since my research inquiries about volume are also related to the idea of dust as a natural element that has a minimal expression of mass. I also associate the experience of sleeping to depth, but at the same time wind is movement, it moves and it is space for movement at the same time. Then, the title is a nostalgic expression for this transformational process of timbre in which it is losing the volume of its mass, but it will never disappear completely, even if it becomes something as empty or hollow to drift.

‘We no longer sleep in the wind’ was composed specially for Sylvia Hinz.

The date for the premiere (as any of our projects) is uncertain at the moment, but we keep on working in our music, waiting for better times to come.



This picture was taken in early January while working on the preliminary ideas for the piece. Berlin, 2020.