We no longer sleep in the wind

This composition is the third one in my study of mass as a semantic dimension of timbre, in which I explore the concept of depth as a spatial experience and its consequences in the perception of timbral mass. The title is a verse of the poem ‘The Wind Sleepers’ by Hilda Doolittle (HD) that I take to work on an association between the sleeping experience and depth; so ‘no longer sleep’ means to coming out to the surface of ‘reality’. As a poetical image, wind is a force and, at the same time, space for movement, thus, the title is also a reference to this process of close-up in which timbre disintegrates as distance is reduced, in opposition to the expected revelation of its voluminous expression.

We no longer sleep in the wind, for solo Paetzold double bass recorder, was especially composed for Sylvia Hinz.


This picture was taken in early January while working on the preliminary ideas for the piece. Berlin, 2020.