A Weightlessness Process (… or how to become ethereal)

Recording of the virtual premiere by Lola Malique

This solo cello piece is part of my research on mass as a semantic dimension of timbre, specifically from the concept of weight. I explore how weight can be constructed, built, created, controlled, morphed or conducted. Then, the only source of sound becomes multiple through the technical approach and preparation that work as extension of the timbral possibilities of the cello. The structure presents two contrasting points that mark the beginning and the end, understanding the compositional approach as a process of mass (weight) reduction. The weightlessness process works by the division of timbre in several tiny, light pieces that spread away until being lost. However, the unstable nature of the timbres produced by the techniques developed for the piece doesn’t allow to create such a linear process. Instead, fluctuations are given over time, sudden interruptions produced by cycles of energy accumulation that tend to reach the heaviest point of timbre before exploding, leaving its lightest reminiscence.

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Watch my video presentation at the 56th RMA Annual Conference: