and it comes like a piece of light through the dust

It’s an enormous pleasure to have the premiere of my piece and it comes like a piece of light through the dust, for solo bass clarinet, which will be online on December 19th 2020 at 8:00 pm (ETS) by the clarinettist Chuck Furlong as part of the Verdant Vibes Concert Series.

Score and sketches of ‘and it comes like a piece of light through the dust’ (2018-20)

This work is part of my current PhD Research on timbre, specifically on the study of luminance as the semantic dimension that describes timbre in terms of how brilliant it is. This association with the visual perception led me to propose a scale of two phases that measures the amount and intensity of light in timbre as a compositional strategy. The words used to mark each level reunite the most common descriptors for the perception of luminance that have been recognised through the literature review, the analysis of instrumental repertoire, as well as my own experience and compositional criteria. Thus, the descriptors work as structural points to be reached in the timbral process. The composition was developed through the study of specific clarinet techniques that were recorded and spectrally analysed to recognise the acoustic correlations given in the perception of luminance. The next step was structuring the piece from the articulation of the instrumental techniques in a process of transformation of timbre from the flickering experience of light. Consequently, the piece responds to a transitional process in which timbre seems to be covered by dust, so its unrevealed identity manifests the instability of a faint light that can’t cross. Rather than timbre going to the expected clearness, it is suddenly distorted by an exposure to excessive light, at the end part of it just remains veiled while subtle transformations occur under the volatile presence of dust.

Thanks to Collective Verdant Vibes for giving me the opportunity to be part of this fantastic series of concerts. Thanks to Chuck Furlong for bringing my music to live in this premiere. Cheers!

You can buy the score here!